Today is a special day - my 30th birthday!

Dziś wyjątkowy dzień - moje 30ste urodziny! Dziękuję za wszystkie miłe życzenia. Cieszę się, że świętujecie tu razem ze mną :) Każda wiadomość daje mi wiele radości... Jestem głęboko wdzięczna za każdy rok mojego życia. Wierzę, że przyszłość przyniesie kolejne piękne chwile. Częścią z nich na pewno się z Wami podzielę.

English version:
Today is a special day - my 30th birthday! Thank you very much for all your kind wishes. I'm glad you are celebrating here with me :) Each message gives me a lot of joy! I am deeply grateful for every year of my life. I believe that the future will bring many more beautiful moments, a part of which I will also share with you.


  1. Happy Birthday Ariadna, congratulations on turning 30. I hope you are really enjoying your special day and you are having fun celebrating.

    I hope your 30th year is full of many beautiful moments and you are happy, healthy and successful.

    You really look very special and beautiful in your birthday pictures, this dress looks amazing on you.

  2. Ariadna, once again (and this time a bit belatedly), very Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    The photos wonderfully capture the joyful moments of your special day - great and beautiful!!

    Now you turn another page of your life..., let's fill it up with gorgeous and beautiful moments.

  3. These photos contain the kind of stuff that good mood is made of. Thanks for filling our world with so much harmony and beauty! Happy 30 and good luck with the next 30 years - if you take good care of yourself you'll be as beautiful then and maybe not even older, having only lived that long... ;-)

  4. Happy birthday!

    It might not be commercially viable, but could I ask that you please update the blog more often.

  5. Happy bday! Looking better than ever!

    Venoma Fashion Freak

  6. ^^, Belated, my dear. Your birthday last year, prompted myself to seriously support you. Remains right now. It's my turn for several months to turn 30 as well. I hope everything goes well in your coming journey, Ariadna. 2021 is an amazing year for you, wishing this year to be better. Yours truly is so proud of you.

    Adrian <3

  7. Spóźnione najlepsze życzenia. Z jakiej firmy jest sukienka?

  8. Glad to see you for long long time 😊

  9. Glad to be your friend. Hope many more years to come. ��

  10. Aż wierzysz mi się nie chce, że to aż tyle ;)


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