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The day has finally come that I can share with you the sweet fruits of my labor and the telltale secrets of my camera lens. It’s been a labor of love, a project into which I have given my all - my time, my dedication, my passion and, above all else, my heart and soul. This is a rare journey. It’s a voyage of discovery into my secret world. You will see a glorious collection of my most sensual photographs, all created within the past 12 months. I will tease you with juicy, mouth-watering cherries. You will discover the secrets behind my photoshoots. My big weakness for hosiery will be there for all to see. And I will confess to you exactly what drives me crazy. So come and join me on my voyage of discovery…

'The Art of Femininity' by Ariadna contains 131 high-quality & high-resolution sensual images + a set of personal texts

The book is made of paper and will be delivered to your address. As a free bonus, I will also send you via email a digital version, which you will receive immediately after placing your order. If you need a digital version of the book only to your address, please select ‘Free pickup in Poznań’ as a shipping method.

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