"The Feast of Pleasure" - my new photobook!

"The Feast of Pleasure"  - my new photobook!

Let your desires run wild. Your table is set, and the feast awaits...

Let's start with the appetizer: a carefully chosen collection of seductive photos of me taken around the globe, each one a delicious journey for you. Each photograph invites you to savour every detail, every curve, and every nuance.

As you delve deeper into the main course, you'll uncover a series of romantic stories, each one crafted to set your mind on fire and ignite your appetite for adventure together.

But what's a feast without the perfect attire? Fear not, for I have selected many sets of exquisite lingerie in various colors and styles, including sultry stockings, tights, and a daring black bodystocking that will find a special place in your mind because I wear nothing underneath... For those who prefer the allure of my skin, there are plenty of images featuring exposed legs, covered with nothing but the promise of pleasure. Your imagination will be stimulated in all five senses, tantalised by the visual feast laid out before you.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate dessert: my special bonus video - a sweet finale!

"The Feast of Pleasure" marks my tenth literary creation! Don't deny yourself any longer... Immerse yourself in this decadent banquet of sensuality.

Bon appétit!


♥ PDF format eBook - 251 pages
♥ English, French, Spanish, and German language versions
♥ My private video in black lingerie and stockings
♥ The highest resolution
♥ Access to private contact
♥ Sensual stories
♥ Songs selected by me
♥ The eBook contains uncensored photos in sheer lingerie

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Is the book paper or digital?

You are buying a digital copy. I will email you a digital eBook, which you will receive immediately after placing your order.​ I am not planning a paper version of this book.

What kind of hosiery can I find in the book?

In the book you will find shoots in various types and colors of hosiery: classic tights, hold-ups, bodystockings, stockings with garter belts, and seamed stockings.

What kind of lingerie can I find in the book?

You will have a really large choice! I have prepared photos in classic underwear (bra + thong) and bodysuits, as well as in braver see-through underwear and nightgowns. Most of the outfits are black, but there is also something for lovers of white, red, blue, pink, and grey.

What are the accompanying texts about?

This book has four love stories that'll make you feel like you're on a date with me! First, we'll meet in the kitchen, where I'll be waiting for you in something special. Then, we'll explore Milano together, discovering its secrets. After that, there's a thrilling adventure at a company event, and finally, we'll share the best Valentine's Day ever!

You look for a place the two of you can sit, and soon become aware that all of your seating options are each displaying a provoking set of lingerie. A red bra catches and holds your attention first. The accompanying thong is almost non-existent. Another pair in black lace is essentially transparent. The room seems suddenly several degrees warmer.

"I think I know what you like," she says, "but it was hard to narrow it down." Your attention distracted by a black one-piece, you hear her steps retreating to the bathroom. "Perhaps it's best that the final selection should be yours," she says. "You can hand it in to me, when you decide." 

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