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about 600 000 views per month
*10 pages / session
*Avg. Session Duration: 3 minutes

My readers spend a lot of time on my blog compared to similar sites - the average session duration is 3 minutes*. They study and/or working, 25% are aged 18-24; 40% are aged 25-34 (40%), 21% are aged 35-44; living in the big cities, having higher education and like to buy items online**.

On my blog, I usually include photo sessions with links to clothes that I wear, but I can also prepare professional reviews of your products and store, or write other interesting articles.

* Google Analytics  ** Survey of my readers

Instagram - 190 000 followers
2 500 000 views per week

*I am among the most popular Polish fashion bloggers
* I have REAL and ENGAGED followers

190,000 people follow me (including many fashion lovers and feminine style devotees). They are really engaged and I have around 2.5 million views every week and a lot of comments. Each picture receives between 60,000 and 140,000 views.

I am among the most popular Polish fashion bloggers on Instagram (source: NapoleonCat). I am active and developing fast, many of my photos are posted on the most popular instagram accounts.

My most popular photos and movies feature tags such as #blackdress, #fashionblogger, #fitnessgirl, big city names etc. Thanks to it, are among the best photos by popular hashtags.

Lookbook - 40.000 followers

* I am among the top users
*Lookbook shared my outfits
on their social media accounts

Lookbook.nu is a community of people interested in fashion. I am among the top users this year and all time (source: lookbook.nu/leader). My outfits are very popular. This is great way to promote your brand all over the world.

Facebook - 20 000 fans

Snapchat - 5000 - 6000 views

Youtube - 2000 subscribers


*Guess 2017 / Warsaw
*Fashion Fair 2017/ Poznań
*Fashion Fair 2016 / Poznań
*Blog Conference2016 / Poznań
*KIABI / Warsaw
*Fashion Night / Cracow
*Businesswoman of the Year 2014 / Warsaw
and more...

I cooperated with a lot of prestige brands:


and more...

Of course I am open to other ways of promoting your products. I believe that together we can create something special! I could be an ambassador for your brand, create a calendar, or organise a trip and prepare for you a unique photo session. I have a lot of ideas, maybe you do too? :)