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My name is Ariadna, I am a photographer, a photomodel and blogger. On my channels I share high quality photos showing fashion, travel, beauty, cultural and culinary inspirations.

My recipients are loyal and committed people, as evidenced by the large number of visits, likes and comments for each publication. They come from all over the world - especially from Poland, the USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, UK and France. The majority are aged 25-44 - educated and knowledgeable people from large cities who appreciate elegance.

My blog and instagram are ideal places to promote exclusive products, targeted at people with sophisticated tastes, who value good quality and valuable content. My publications are characterized by professionalism, reliability and elegant form. Brands which cooperate with me receive not only a set of exceptional photographs but also an effective promotion, thanks to which it reaches several hundred thousand people (each picture on instagram numbers 150,000-250,000 views and 15,000-30,000 likes).

I am open to creative forms of cooperation. I apply a customised approach to each brand, so I will be happy to present my ideas for the promotion of your products.

about 900 000 views per month

*9 pages per session
*Avg. Session Duration: 2:43 minutes
*25-34 - the age of my main audience

Instagram - 900 000 followers
11 000 000 views per week

*I am among the most popular Polish influencers
*Each picture receives between 500,000 and 1 000 000 views

Lookbook.nu - 40.000 followers

Facebook - 40 000 fans


*Guess 2017 / Warsaw
*Fashion Fair 2017/ Poznań
*Fashion Fair 2016 / Poznań
*Blog Conference 2016 / Poznań
*KIABI / Warsaw
*Fashion Night / Cracow
*Businesswoman of the Year 2014 / Warsaw
and more...

I cooperated with a lot of prestige brands:


and more...

Of course I am open to other ways of promoting your products. I believe that together we can create something special! I could be an ambassador for your brand, create a calendar, or organise a trip and prepare for you a unique photo session. I have a lot of ideas, maybe you do too? :)