2021 - The most popular photos on my Instagram

Kolejny szalony rok za nami, dlatego czas na krótkie podsumowanie. Jeśli śledzisz moje social media, zdajesz sobie sprawę, że 2021 spędziłam w bardzo aktywny sposób. Odwiedziłam sporo pięknych miejsc - zarówno w Polsce, jak i za granicą. Wśród nich znalazły się m.in. Szklarska Poręba, Punta Cana, Kraków, Czorsztyn, Alicante, Sopot, Gdańsk, czy Warszawa. Fotografie z owych podróży znajdziesz w wyróżnionych relacjach na moim Instagramie. Poznałam mnóstwo ciekawych ludzi oraz stworzyłam tysiące zdjęć, którymi każdego dnia dzieliłam się z obserwatorami z całego świata.

Wydałam dwie wyjątkowe książki, w które włożyłam bardzo dużo pracy i serca: "Caribbean Dream" oraz "The Art of Teasing". W środku znalazły sie nie tylko wciągające historie, ale również wiele nowych, zmysłowych fotografii. Obie zebrały setki pozytywnych recenzji i wciąż cieszą się dużą popularnością. Mam nadzieję, że masz je w swojej kolekcji. Miesiąc temu ogłosiłam natomiast premierę zmysłowego kalendarza na kolejny rok. To już piąty kalendarz mojego autorstwa! W moim sklepie Ariestre.com zostały już ostatnie papierowe egzemplarze, więc nie czekaj dłużej, jeśli także chcesz go mieć :)

Jak widać, nie próżnowałam. Liczę, że niebawem znowu Cię zaskoczę - w mojej głowie wciąż roi się od pomysłów... Jednak bez osób takich jak Ty, to wszystko nie miałoby sensu. Dlatego dziękuję Ci, że co jakiś czas do mnie zaglądasz, motywując mnie do dalszego działania. Jeśli masz chwilę, zostaw parę słów w komentarzu. Każda wiadomość dużo dla mnie znaczy i wywołuje uśmiech na mojej twarzy! Korzystając z okazji, życzę Ci spełnienia marzeń w nadchodzącym 2022 roku. Mam nadzieję, że kiedy spotkamy się tu podczas kolejnego podsumowania, będziesz miał na koncie masę miłych wspomnień :) Buziaki!

Poniżej publikuję najpopularniejsze zdjęcia 2021 roku, które opublikowałam na moim Instagramie (na podstawie ilości polubień).

English version:
Another insane year is behind us, so it's high time for a short summary. If you follow my social media, you realise that I spent 2021 in a very active way. I have visited many beautiful places - both in Poland and abroad. Among them were Szklarska Poręba, Punta Cana, Kraków, Czorsztyn, Alicante, Sopot, Gdańsk and Warsaw. You can find photos from these journeys in the featured stories on my Instagram. I met a lot of interesting people and created thousands of photos, which I shared with people from all over the world, every day.

I have published two unique books in which I put a lot of work and heart: "Caribbean Dream" and "The Art of Teasing". Inside, there are not only captivating and "hot" stories, but also many new, sensual photos of me. Both have collected hundreds of positive reviews and are still very popular among you. I hope you have them in your collection! ;) A month ago, I announced the premiere of my sensual calendar for the next year. This is the fifth in my collection. The last paper copies are left in my Ariestre.com store, so don't wait any longer to place your order.

As you can see, I have not been bored. I hope that soon I will surprise you again - my head is still full of creative ideas... But without people like you, all this would be for nothing! That is why I want to thank you for visiting me from time to time and motivating me to continue. If you have a moment, please leave a few words in the comments. Each message means a lot to me and puts a smile on my face! Taking this opportunity, I wish for you to make your dreams come true in the coming 2022. I hope that when we meet here at the next summary, you will have many new nice memories :) Kisses!

Below are the most popular photos of 2021 that I posted on my Instagram (based on the number of likes).


  1. I wish you a happy and successful year, I hope to hear about (and support) your new projects. I missed your posts here, but you have been really busy elsewhere. Go ahead :)

  2. My sweet Ari!!
    Oh after taking a moment to look back, I see we had a great year!.
    Trough your photos I remember all of these beautiful places, and of course, your photos and the wonderful stories of your books made this year memorable.
    I hope you feel happy with the results of this year, even when it was difficult in some ways, we made it to the end.
    Co gratulations on your achievements of this year and my best wishes for you on 2022!.

  3. Ari, czekam z niecierpliwością, czym zaskoczysz nas wszystkich w nadchodzącym roku i cieszę się, że kolejne Twoje książki oraz kalendarz zasiliły kolekcję ;)
    Życzę Ci zdrowia przede wszystkim w nadchodzącym roku, a ponadto żebyś dalej tak pięknie tworzyła, nigdy nie zwątpiła w siebie i swoje możliwości, abyś była zawsze szczęśliwa i uśmiechnięta. I oczywiście szampańskiej zabawy :) :*

  4. Ariadna, now it's coming to the time to look back the past months, called 2021 - as one of your fans I must say the year 2021 was such a fantastic and exciting year despite all the COVID-19 related up and downs!! You did indeed more than perfect this year and I am more than sure that many of your fans would agree and support you!!!

    As you rightly said you have been extremely active this year visiting many places,including Szklarska Poręba, Punta Cana, Kraków, Czorsztyn, Alicante, Sopot, Gdańsk and Warsaw... And I am more than sure that the experiences you have gained from these activities are far far more than the travel stories. And in fact I do feeel that you gained a lot through these journeys. And I am more than happy that things have been like this - as some people did suffer from so-called COVID-19 issues.

    Looking back you posts (and of course photos) I see how you have progressed and how you aree moving forward.

    2022 would be an important year for you in many ways, simply not because you would welcome your life's milestone but also the new challenges are already waiting for you around the corner. Though I am more than sure that you will make a new forward steps and moving your dreams forward for realisation.

    As we stnad at the end of 2021, I would simply wish you a very prosperous, successful and the life filled with tons of happiness for 2021!!!

    All the best and a very Happy New Year, Ariadna!!!

  5. Kochana Ari, z niecierpliwością czekam na to, czym nas jeszcze zaskoczysz ;)
    Ponadto życzę Ci zdrowia, abyś dalej tak pięknie tworzyła, abyś nigdy nie zwątpiła w siebie i swoje umiejętności, abyś zawsze była szczęśliwa i uśmiechnięta i... szampańskiej zabawy! I wszystkiego, co najlepsze i najpiękniejsze w nadchodzącym roku ;) :*

  6. Dear Ari, thanks for all the beauty, amazing content and efforts you have done during recent years. I always followed your works, but your products and tried to support this amazing passion you have. I really wish you the best for 2022 and hope to have this opportunity to see your stunning photos every day in this <3

  7. Another batch of annual magic is added by our friendly witch, the star of her own dream factory, to the treasure of this blog. The year 2021 ends, but the Adventure of Ariadna continues. It's almost hard to believe that all this lovely stuff can be accumulated in one place, but it's the real actuality. Thank you for 2021, Ariadna!

  8. ^^, It's a great 2021 with you my lady. Wishing next year to continue or become even better. Your artworks are what encourage and inspire us because we loved your efforts, passion, and yourself; you really put everything to make your production absolutely perfect and just wow. I cannot asked for more other than to continue to amaze us; with your unbeatable beauty, amazing journey, powerful spontaneity, captivating photographs and unforgettable memories.

    Got two of your unique books this year and of course, 2022 calendar. These awesome stuff makes me so happy and I did not forget to smile anymore. Like I said, we are just an inches away to each other. It means a lot to me. What more if we meet? This is the dream of every one of us. I always pray for you, for guidance, health, fulfilment of your dreams, these are what matters most.

    2022 shall be greater. The reigning Femininity Goddess is <3

    -Adrian, PH

    1. Ariadna,

      You are certainly right that 2021 was an insane year. But your IG account and blog and books were positive highlights. I hope 2022 will be better for the world, and I know you are doing your part by sharing so many positive messages along with such fantastic photos.

      I really enjoy when you go on your trips. Not only does it give us a chance to see you in different environments, but its fun to see different parts of the world through your eyes. I especially like when you highlight areas in Poland. It’s a country I’ve never been to, so it’s a chance to see cities sites that I wouldn’t normally think about. Seeing them along with you in elegant, sexy outfits just makes it that much better!

      A few of my favorite pictures from the past year made it into your top ten. The white backless minidress (taken in Alicante I believe) is just a fantastic picture in so many ways. Innocent (maybe not to innocent since it seems like you forgot lingerie!), beautiful and sexy all at the same time. Plus I love your hair that way, and the cute smile you have in that picture.

      Of course your books take things to a whole different level. And I’m hoping to see more of them in 2022!

      I wish you all the best – happiness, continued success and fulfillment – in the new year.

      I hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year Ari!


  9. Ari,

    Best wishes for 2022. Congratulations on your year past, and I hope 2022 continues to deliver on your dreams. It will be a quiet "Hogmanay" for me this year since we are isolating due to Covid. However I have your book, your posts and photos to cheer me up.

    Lang may your lum reek!

  10. This is a wonderful collection of pictures Ariadna, you look absolutely stunning in all of them. I've enjoyed spending 2021 with you, it's been a real highlight in what has otherwise been at best a mediocre year. I've liked following your travels, I especially loved your trip to the paradise which is Punta Cana. Your stories from there were amazing, it was lovely to see you enjoying yourself so much and your Caribbean Dream book you produced featuring sensual pictures from your trip was awesomely good. Of course i enjoyed following your other trips too, and all of the beautiful pictures you shared with us on Instagram. Your latest book - The Art of Teasing was an absolute triumph, your best book to date and your 2022 calendar is also full of the most beautiful pictures.

    Thank you for always being there for us in 2021, you really should be so proud of what you have achieved - not just your amazing products, but the way you make so many people happy and smile on a daily basis with your gorgeous pictures and kind words.

    Happy New Year, I hope 2022 is an amazing year for you and you get to realise even more of your dreams, I'm looking forward to spending it with you :-)

  11. Competition on IG is tough but your advantage is quality. Keep creating and happy 2022!

  12. I spent some enjoyable time trying to pick out a favorite 2021 photo ... and failed. They are so many really great photos. I look forward to 2000 UTC every day, around the time you typically update your Instagram post. It's always interesting to see what you come up with. There are lots of beautiful woman on IG ... and most of them fall into a very small variety of poses. Your strength is the quality and variety of your portfolio.

    With you, I never know day to day what I will see. A "innocent" pose where you're a fashionable young woman, seemingly unaware of the viewer, or naughty or suggestive? Outdoors in a beautiful setting or a more intimate indoor setting? A tight fitting neck high top, or daring cleavage?

    Personally, the ones I like best are:

    * probably outdoors.
    * bare legs, dark / black tights, or tight fitting pants. (The shorts photos generally don't wow me)
    * often looking at the camera

    Wishing you a happy 2022.

  13. Hi Ari,
    It's never too late to wish you a Fabulous 2022, because as you said...
    We have just celebrated the beginning of the year, and already over half of January is behind us!
    It's been many happy years since I've enjoyed your blog and other publications, that's why I send you my best wishes through this window into the world of dreams of a great woman, every day more feminine, sensual and powerful.
    There is no doubt that you have the sensitivity of an artist and the intelligence of a leader.
    I send you a big hug with my best wishes.
    Le Loup

  14. Ari czy możesz udostępnić na twoim blogu zdjęcia, które można ustawić sobie jako tapetę na pulpicie? Będę ogromnie wdzięczny. Masz piękne ciało, aż by się chciało Cię schrupać :) Pozdrawiam

  15. Ariadna to najpiękniejsza modelka jaką spotkałem. Oglądam i oczom nie wierzę, że to tylko kobieta. Wygląda jak bogini Afrodyta. ;)

  16. So nice and sexy photos.Super stunning Angelic beauty!!!!!!


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