Biały T-shirt, czarna spódniczka mini, czarne pończochy i szpilki

Jak mija Ci początek roku? Ja wciąż z utęsknieniem przeglądam stare zdjęcia ;) Zima nie należy do moich ulubionych pór roku, dlatego w tym okresie robię niewiele nowych sesji. Dziś zatem zaprezentuję kilka ujęć z sierpnia. Fani klasycznych, minimalistycznych połączeń na pewno będą zadowoleni ;) Biały bawełniany T-shirt zestawiony z króciutką rozkloszowaną spódniczką wygląda dziewczęco i kusząco. Jeszcze bardziej kusząco wyglądają jednak otulające nogi czarne pończochy. Znajdziesz je w moim sklepie - Ariestre.com - to jeden z bestsellerowych modeli w mojej kolekcji! Przy okazji - wolisz zdjęcia, na których noszę szpilki, czy wręcz przeciwnie? Daj znać w komentarzu.

English version:
How are things for you at the beginning of the new year? I’m still enjoying looking through older pictures ;) Winter is not one of my favourite seasons, that's why I don’t produce many new photoshoots at this time of year. Today, therefore, I have decided to publish several shots from August. Fans of classic, minimalistic styles will definitely be satisfied. The white casual T-shirt combined with a short flared skirt looks girly and tempting. Even more tempting, though, are the black hold-ups hugging my legs. You can find them in my store Ariestre.com - 'Carmen' is one of the best-selling lines in my collection! By the way, do you prefer pictures of me with shoes or without? Let me know...

Biały T-shirt - EJ
Czarna rozkloszowana mini spódniczka - Sinsay
Czarne lakierowane szpilki - Christian Louboutin
Czarne cienkie pończochy samonośne - Ariestre.com (Carmen)

15 komentarzy:

  1. Dear Ari!
    I know cold days are not the perfect combination with your classic short dresses, so it's nice to see some of the unseen photos of the last year.
    This was one of my favorite sets the last year, I love those hold ups with Louboutins, very sexy.
    The white shirt and the black skirt are the perfect combination, never gets old ❤️.
    This year it's been wonderful so far? And for yours? Are you working on your resolutions?
    Nice to see another post here. Beautiful photos, all of them.
    Love you!

  2. The first post of 2020 is wonderfully interesting - what you call the “classic minimalistic style” is quite fabulous to enjoy... specially in winter times‼️

    Minimalist style is one of the most difficult as the name indicates there not much to show...😂 that said you have just shown what it should be in artistic sense - wonderfully great‼️ The way how you put white casual T-shirt top with short flared skirt looks absolutely fabulous - significantly feminine and yet wonderfully enjoyable and beautiful 🔥 And of course your Arirstre brand black hold-ups add the beauty and attention to the photos😍

    Ariadna, as always, you have successfully presented where the latest “Ari-Style”
    stands at and where the wonderfully beautiful feminine definition should stands at💓

    As always with professionally prepared wonderful photos, Ariadna, thank you for sharing your great art works. ❤️

  3. Hello dear, black and white combinations are timeless and at the same time elegant. This simple combination suits you particularly well, and the classic high heels underline the feminine chic and your way of staging yourself perfectly. Black and white, like the figures of a chess board. I whisper the other secrets about the power of these colors privately in your ear. A very eye-popping appearance from you, as always.

  4. Jak zawsze wyglądasz pięknie.
    Odpowiadając na Twe pytanie czy lepiej w butach czy bez, ja osobiście wolę bez.

  5. Co prawda zdjęcia są z lata ubiegłego roku, jednak są one świetne a w białej koszulce oraz czarnej minispódniczce, pończochach i szpilkach wyglądasz niezwykle pięknie kobieco i seksownie. A co do twojego pytania to najbardziej lubię oglądać zdjęcia z eleganckimi szpilkami na twoich zgrabnych nogach :-)

  6. This is such a sexy look on you. I love how your V-neck top plunges so low, exposing in a delightfully dignified manner the beauty of your lovely breasts. I think your skirt is so cute. I remember in high school being so excited seeing the girls wearing their cheerleader skirts on football Fridays. The hem bounces around when the girls walk by, and it seems to wave flirtingly at my eyes which fall admiringly on that short skirt and those charming pair of legs! At the risk of blushing, your hold-ups certainly make me stay-up. So beautiful! I actually enjoy seeing photographs of you wearing your variety of high heels, but I also enjoy seeing your lovely feet cloaked in your variety of sexy and luxurious hosiery. I would love having the chance to kiss-tickle and caress your beautiful feet and toes. Finally, I'm with you...I'm not a fan of the winter months---frankly the season lasts too long for my taste. I hope you're having a glorious 2020 thus far. Thank you for your generosity and your kindness in sharing your beauty with me and with all of your followers and admirers.

  7. I prefer shoes on, they are part of your outfit, but I like surprises too.

  8. You are so beautiful and sexy! Wonderful first post of 2020. While I enjoy seeing your legs in high heels, I much more prefer admiring your delicious feet, toes and soles, especially when you're wearing stockings or pantyhose. Your feet are simply far more erotic and arousing than any pair of shoes could ever hope to be, and yes, I'm including Louboutins onto that list.

  9. I prefer without shoes! �� Of course, shoes can be a very seductive highlight, too! But I like your feet, in my opinion they are very sexy, and if I can see a pic of you where your nylon feet are also visible it's the cherry on the cake for me! ��

  10. You are the perfect example of why the Slavic ethnic group is the most beautiful in the world. I hope you have many Slavic children who spread your beauty.

  11. I've always wondered how you take care of your feet ... they are beautiful and well cared for. Your nails have a perfect shape and the arch of your feet have a perfect curve. Your toes have ideal sizes and have no damage from shoes. Keep taking care of them that well.

  12. Dawno nie byłaś w nylonowych pończochach...

  13. bardzo elegancki i seksowny wygląd)


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