2024 Calendar by Ari Maj - Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey :)

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with my exclusive 2024 calendar :)

This calendar isn't just a tool for keeping track of dates. It's a gateway to a world of sensuality and passion!

How will you start 2024? The clock has struck midnight, the fireworks have filled the sky - and now you turn the first page, and I'm there to greet you in a sultry black lace bodysuit. Turn the second page, and it's Valentine's Day, and I'm waiting for you in a cozy bedroom, dressed in alluring red attire. And who could resist our Easter rendezvous when I become your playful bunny?

But that's just the beginning!

Each month and each turn of the page promises a fresh, captivating outfit against backdrops that will transform your year into a delightful odyssey of heightened senses - in a field of summer bloom, the red of my corset matching the red of the flowers that surround me, or in shiny black latex as Halloween approaches and the leaves of autumn begin to fall...

Turn the promise of 2024 into something truly special. Grab your copy of my calendar today and unlock a world of intimacy and excitement like never before!

Large size - A3 
(29.7 x 42 cm / 11.69″ x 16.54″)

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ Standard version ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
♥ 1 high-quality calendar

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ VIP version ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
♥ 1 signed high-quality calendar
♥ 2 double-sided high-quality posters (4 photos, size A3)
♥ Postcard with handwritten kissed message especially for you
♥ Small calendar
♥ I will invite you to my exclusive list of Patrons, and upon your acceptance, you'll receive letters and free gifts from me from time to time

Shipping worldwide!

If you need a DIGITAL VERSION only,
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  1. Dear Ari!
    First of all congratulations on your new calendar! Anyone who gets one can be sure they have the best company for the year coming.
    This calendar is amazing, the pics are perfect and the best part of getting a physical one is it's sent personally by you, packed with extra love and sent as fast as possible ❤️
    You never disappoint and you always improve your work with the time.
    I love you so much!
    Wonderful work on your calendar 2025
    I wish you a lovely new year ✨ you're the best!

  2. Hi, ya, Ariadna, time is coming back to enjoy the arrival of your gorgeous and sensual (if not HOT!!) new calendar!! This will ensure that I will be spending time all year around with you enjoying your fabulous photos!!! Thank you for creating the wonderful Calendar 2024!!!

  3. Hello my dear Ari! :) I am very happy to spend every new year in your company! Your sensual and temperamental photographs fill me sexual energy! :)

  4. Lady, you are a Goddess... Kissing your feet and your high heels, serving you, would be the greatest honor...

  5. These are the last few days now to enjoy daily viewing on the wall of Ariadna in the enchanting red set on the December page of the 2023 calendar. But the 2024 calendar is at least as good inside as the cover page promises, and for January 2024 Ariadna is as lovely as ever in a black set...

  6. Lady, you are always so beautiful, elegant, feminine, sensual. I dream of taking a walk with you, dressed in a long coat and leather high-heeled boots that tap the rhythm of your steps on the pavement... I dream of being able to stare at your figure, capture your scent, without unnecessary words, only with the sound of your heels. ... I love you like this, proud, beautiful, domineering... Mistress Ariadna...

  7. I would go to the cinema with you... To a film so ambitious that we would be alone in the screening room... I wouldn't even know what the film is about, you tell me... I don't understand the plot anyway, I'm just a silly teddy bear... I would stare at your beautiful face absorbed in the movie, your shiny lips... You would be sitting next to me, as always, beautiful, in Wolford tights, Kazar boots... The tights shine, the skin of the boots shines... Legs crossed. ..You touch my face with your hand, I kiss your well-groomed fingers...You rest your booted leg on the back of the seat in the lower row of seats...You show me with your finger what to do...I am on my knees, at your feet, I touch your high heel with my face ...I run my tongue over it... Yes, I have to serve you, Mistress... Always and everywhere. To serve you, Mistress Ariadna...

  8. Lovely pics.. 🧐🧐

  9. Time passes and every day I only fall more in love with you, time passes and I only love you more and more, time passes and I only wish to be with you forever! Time passes and I want it all just with you!

    Millions of years may pass but I will continue to love you, I always choose only you. Only you know how much I love you.

    No matter the date, day, month or year, I wish that we will always be together and happy.

    Your tiger who loves you very much! ❤️🐯🐯❤️


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