"My Wildest Desire" - my sensual photobook

Do you feel a wild desire filling you? 
In front of you is an adventure spent in the company of my seventh book. It's a lucky number for an experience that you're sure to enjoy. Enjoy a pleasurable time with this unique collection of sensual and artistic photos that will captivate your imagination. From Milan to Zadar, Heraklion to some of Poland's most beautiful cities - you won't want to miss out on the many unforgettable moments I have in store for you. Discover me in a public place, wearing only sexy black lingerie and timeless hosiery beneath my long coat. Watch as I transform into a wild cat wearing leopard print lingerie and see how relaxed I become while bathing in an emerald lingerie set with beige stockings. Imagine togetherness without wearing anything at all as we witness one of the most breathtaking sunrises. Whether you're an admirer of natural beauty or just love seductive outfits, this exclusive photobook will exceed all your expectations!

[PL] Przed Tobą wyjątkowa przygoda w towarzystwie mojej siódmej książki. Spędź miły czas z kolekcją zmysłowych i artystycznych zdjęć, które rozpalą Twoją wyobraźnię! Od Mediolanu po Zadar, od Heraklionu po najpiękniejsze miasta Polski - nie przegap przegapić niezapomnianych wrażeń, które dla Ciebie przygotowałem. Podążaj za mną w długim płaszczu, seksownej czarnej bieliźnie i czarnych nylonach. Obserwuj, jak zamieniam się w dzikiego kota mając na sobie bieliznę w panterkę i zobacz, jak zrelaksowana jestem podczas kąpieli w szmaragdowym zestawie z beżowymi pończochami. Wyobraź sobie, że nie mając niczego na sobie, wspólnie podziwiamy przepiękny wschód słońca. Niezależnie od tego, czy jesteś wielbicielem naturalnego piękna, czy po prostu kochasz uwodzicielskie stroje, moja nowa książka przekroczy wszelkie Twoje oczekiwania!


♥ PDF format eBook - 118 pages
♥ Sensual stories
(English + translation into: French, Spanish, German)

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

♥ PDF format eBook - 200 pages
(English, French, Spanish, German translation)
♥ The highest resolution
♥ Access to private contact
♥ Sensual stories
♥ The eBook contains extra sensual uncensored 
photos in sheer lingerie - available in VIP version only!

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"I wake to the warm rays of the rising sun, and step out onto the balcony. Wild nature is truly amazing - and before it now there is just me, wearing nothing at all, standing in front of the vast, sparkling sea, and the slow surge of its waves against the rocks."


Is the book paper or digital?
You are buying a digital copy. I will email you a digital eBook, which you will receive immediately after placing your order.​ You can buy the paper version on my second store: Ariestre.com

What kind of hosiery can I find in the book?
In the book you will find shoots in various types of hosiery: classic and seamless tights, hold-ups, stockings with garter belts, fully fashioned vintage seamed stockings, strip-pantyhose and even bodystockings. If you ask about colours, there is also a selection: black, beige, red and white.

What kind of lingerie can I find in the book?
You will have a really large choice! I have prepared photos in classic underwear (bra + thong) and bodysuits, as well as in braver see-through underwear and bodystockings. Most of the outfits are black, but there is also something for lovers of pink, emerald, red, yellow, blue, and white.

What are the accompanying texts about?
The book contains a set of sensual stories. Follow me on the street in a long coat, sensual black lingerie, and seamed hosiery. See how simply I identify with a cat, lying stretched out on the bed in leopard print lingerie. Find out how I feel when bathing in stockings and an emerald set in a big Jacuzzi. How about watching the most beautiful sunrise together without wearing anything?

What are the payment methods?
You can pay via PayPal or card. If you have problems, please contact me via storearimaj@gmail.com to set up a bank transfer.

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  1. So finally...., big CONGRATULATIONS, Ariadna, for creating this breathtakingly exciting your new photobook!!! Absolutely great - I must say you have made the best book you have ever created so far!!! With such great professionally made photos and sensual, refined and yet very elegant essays will definitely attract many fans!!! Of course you did with me.

    Have gone through from cover to cover and I am extremely impressed by your creation. And I would recommend anyone who want to know you and who wish to feel close to you must get a copy now!!! And of course "VIP" version is best - am extremely happy with the VIP edition.

    Ariadna, thank you very much for creating this fabulous and excellent new book - perfect!!!

  2. It is going to take time to get through these 200 pages, because every one of them is so pleasant and catches my attention for a long while! What a marvellous, beautiful, fascinating book with a variety of styles, settings and poses... This sums up the state of Ariadna's art in January 2023 so far. Everybody who loves Ariadna's blog will desire to have it... If I can break loose from this volume, I may write some more exhaustive comments later...

  3. Congratulations on your new book my beautiful tigress, much success with your seventh book my queen. 🥳🐆💙

    It is a really wonderful book, you always do your best when you do your job, you always do all your work with love, all your work is of high quality, you are very dedicated and passionate about your work. 📚❤️

    It was many trips to different countries and cities to make the book, many sleepless nights editing the book, even now you keep losing sleep at night to pack every single order so that it arrives quickly and safely to its new owners. 🥺❤️

    You are the most beautiful, noble, hard-working, tender and sweet girl in the universe, my beautiful kitty, you are unique, you are wonderful. 👸❤️

    The entire universe should see and have a work of art like your book. 🌌

    I love you so much my beautiful princess, always together and happy. ❤️💍🐯🐯💍💙

  4. Dear Ari
    It's true this book it's exceeds the expectations. Each page of it is delightful, an incredible work of different sets plus nice essays.
    I love how cared each set is, from the location to the photos themselves. The lights the outfits... You're just perfect, and this book is wonderful from the first to the last page.
    Congratulations on this, your seventh book.

  5. Przepiękna bielizna z megaseksownymi pończochami na przepięknej i megaseksownej kobiecie . I znowu stoję na baczność w pełnej gotowości ;)


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