"The Art of Seduction" - sensual photobook

It is finally ready... The most sensual photo book created by me, ARI MAJ - ambassador of natural femininity, followed by 2M people from around the world. In this publication, however, you will not find the usual "safe" photos that you have known from my pages so far. You are only a few clicks away from being transferred into my secret world... Are you ready to discover my extremely seductive side, which you have not seen before? Believe me, it will be an amazing experience that you will remember for a long time. Do you love exclusive lingerie, a variety of tights or stockings, or maybe you are a fan of sexy high heels? You've come to the right place... A selection of lots of previously unpublished photos is waiting for you. Simply order your book and immerse yourself in many breathtaking shots that will undoubtedly capture your imagination!
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Nareszcie gotowa! Najbardziej zmysłowa książka stworzona przeze mnie, ARI MAJ - ambasadorkę naturalnej kobiecości, którą śledzi ponad 2M ludzi z całego świata. W tej publikacji nie znajdziesz jednak zwyczajnych, grzecznych zdjęć, które do tej pory mogłeś oglądać na moich stronach. Tylko parę kliknięć dzieli Cię od tego, aby przenieść się do mojego sekretnego świata... Czy jesteś gotowy aby odkryć moją niezwykle uwodzicielską stronę, której do tej pory nie znałeś? Uwierz mi, to będzie niesamowite doświadczenie, które zapamiętasz na bardzo długo. Uwielbiasz ekskluzywną bieliznę, różnorodne rajstopy czy pończochy, a może jesteś miłośnikiem seksownych szpilek? Trafiłeś w dobre miejsce... Czeka na Ciebie mnóstwo niepublikowanych wcześniej fotografii. Po prostu zamów swoją książkę i zobacz zapierające dech w piersiach ujęcia, które pobudzą Twoją wyobraźnię!

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STANDARD - 75 PLN / 16€ / $19
♥ PDF format eBook - 92 pages

♥ available in digital version only on arimaj.dpdcart.com

The Standard edition offers a taster of what's in the Premium and VIP editions. It still features all of the essays from the other versions and many beautiful pictures, prepared with love and care. However, the most sensual and provocative photos are absent. This is the "safe" option for people that want a glimpse into my world, but cannot handle me at my hottest! If high quality image resolution is important to you, I recommend the Premium or VIP versions. Standard is a 'lite' version and perfect for viewing on your phone.

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PREMIUM PACK - 135 PLN / 30€ / $35
♥ 1 paperback, format B5 (235 x 162 mm)
♥ 1 sensual bookmark
♥ PDF format eBook - 162 pages at a high resolution

The Premium edition offers significant advantages over the Standard edition. There are almost twice as many pictures as the Standard version, and the quality is higher, to allow it to be enjoyed on any device. This is the fan's choice, a sensual collection, for lovers of beautiful pictures featuring lingerie, nylons and heels. However, for the ultimate experience and for the connoisseurs, I recommend the VIP edition which includes extra sensual and provocative photos which you won't find anywhere else.

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

VIP PACK - 299 PLN / 66€ / $78
♥ 1 SIGNED paperback, format B5 (235 x 162 mm)
♥ An exclusive signed photo
♥ A set of sensual beautiful bookmarks

♥ PDF format eBook - 210 pages at the highest resolution
♥ Access to private contact
The eBook contains a set of uncensored
extra sensual photos in sheer lingerie - available in VIP version only!

It is a real art of seduction for lovers of natural beauty presented in every detail... It has been prepared for connoisseurs who expect an unique experience of the highest quality. Choose it if you want to feel special and see something more than others. The VIP edition includes a few bonuses and a lot of extra photos that are extremely sensual and provocative. You won't find them in the premium version or anywhere else. Are you ready for it? ;)

"You open the car door and out she steps, delicately placing one exquisitely made, red-soled heel on the pavement followed by the other. Looking up from the jet-black pumps, you savour the beauty of those slender, toned legs, which clad in ultra-sheer beige nylons look especially appealing. The dress she is wearing is deep scarlet in colour and fits as if it was made by a first-rate Italian tailor. It clings to her body like a second skin and highlights every amazing contour of a perfect figure.

The breeze catches her long flowing hair, which she has loose tonight and is deep chestnut in colour. It shines like the finest silk and you just know she had it styled specially for your date. She looks at you and smiles, with eyes that are the colour of the sky on the clearest summer’s day and deep red lips, which contrast wonderfully with flawless, ivory-toned skin, glowing with a youthful dewiness. Her smile lights up her whole face and puts you at ease, ”This is going to be the best night of my life” you think to yourself as you take the short walk to the restaurant..."

⋆ ⋆ ⋆


Is the book paper or digital?
If you will buy a paper version, I will also email you a digital book, which you will receive immediately after placing your order.​ You can also buy the digital version only on my second store: Arimaj.dpdcart.com

What are the accompanying texts about?

You will discover a little piece of my soul. You will find out the story of my life, learn what kindled my passion, and get a glimpse into my private life. I will surprise you a lot of interesting news!

What are the payment methods?

You can pay via PayPal or card. If you have problems, please contact with me via storearimaj@gmail.com to set up a bank transfer.

Buy the eBOOK on artofari.com

Buy the PAPER book on ariestre.com


  1. Hello Ariadna!

    Congratulations on your new boo. I'm sure all versions are incredible, it's a surprise each one is different, so good work!.
    I'm sure the VIP version is the best, for the exclusive content, I'm dying to have it ;).
    Again congratulations, I'm sure it will be a complete sucess!

  2. The art of Seduction in perfection, this is more than a book. A poem of masterclass femininity. Every page of this piece of art is a joy of pure sensual delightful beautiness.

  3. Congratulations Ariadna, your new book is amazing, totally awesome 😊 I've been waiting with ever increasing excitement for you to release your second photobook, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I went for the VIP version and was totally blown away by how fabulous it is. The pictures are unbelievably good, I've never seen you look this hot and beautiful before 💓 They are a wonderful mixture of styles and outfits, but they have one thing in common, you look stunning in all of them 😍 The essays are so good too, it's lovely to learn so much about you and get an insight into your real life. I know you have put many months months of hard work into this, and it really does show, the quality is superb. Your first book was wonderful, but with The Art of Seduction you have taken it to whole new level of sensual excellence ❤️ I'm really so proud of you and what you have achieved with this amazing book, I can wholeheartedly recommend it and hope it is a massive success for you 🔝💯👏🏻😘💕

  4. Odebrałem już wersję elektroniczną książki w wersji VIP i muszę przyznać, że jestem mega pozytywnie zaskoczony! :) Warto było dopłacić dla pełni satysfakcji i niesamowitych niespodzianek w tym wydaniu. Bardzo fantazyjne, pociągające i wręcz zaskakujące zdjęcia, nie mniej wciągające opisy stanowią gratkę dla prawdziwych fanów Ariadny.


  5. Ariadna, first of all let me congratulate the successful launch of your new phototobook, "The Art of Seduction"!! The book you have shown your journey since you have published the first one some two years ago...

    The photos are so great - sensual and yet absolutely refined and artistic. And your essays are wonderfully written and revealing a lot about you on your own words....it is really wonderful to find out you in this great way....

    In your second photobook, "The Art of Seduction", you have taken us to the totally different world and this shows how much you have progressed - really na great work, Ariadna!!!!

  6. Gratuluję wydania drugiej fotoksiążki. Myślę, że spotka się ona z równie dużą popularnością co pierwsza :-)

  7. This really is such an amazing book, I loved The Art of Femininity, but The Art of Seduction is even better. The pictures are amazing, you look sensual and beautiful in all of them Ariadna. I went for the VIP version, as I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of your wonderful work and can confirm there are many provocative and fabulous photos, and you look gorgeous in all of them. Congratulations Ari, this really is a marvelous book, you really have done such a good job :-)


  8. The perfect continuation for The art of femininity. More mature and confident you show us, starting at the cover and the sensual preface, how seduction looks. Inside a glimpse on your life and thoughts and 18 photoshoots (more than 190 images!) fitted for every taste and imagination. Only those looking for vulgarity will be disappointed. A book for everyone who loves to be seduced by a unique woman.

  9. Witam. Czy ksiazka jest w wersji polskiej czy angielskiej? Czy wysyłka jest do Holandii możliwa?

    1. Książka jest po ang :) Wysyłam na cały świat, także do Holandii

  10. Are pictures of your feet included?

  11. Piękny jest ten komplet bielizny ,który masz na sobie 😍
    Oby książka sprzedała się w trylionach egzemplarzy 😘

  12. Hey!!! Just bought your VIP book. The pictures are great, and your words are even better. You're a strong, independent woman with so much depth. Dinner conversations must be intense, I'm sure. Good luck with everything!

  13. It is written »Hate is easy to learn, but love is difficult.« and »hate is innate but love grows from intelligence...« in an SF-novel by the Strugatsky brothers, here quoted in a loose and rough translation by us. You could similarly maintain that beauty too grows from intelligence. As in her previous work »Art of Femininity«, the authoress, remarkable photographer-model Ariadna Majewska, accompanies us through her photobook »Art of Seduction« with more of her trademark lovely, intelligent photos and intelligent texts presenting hand-picked, assorted glimpses of herself - or at least one of her selfs. Would it be possible to like a woman without intelligence? A woman without intelligence is likely to become a nuisance. But Ariadna and her works are good company as usual. (note: the SF-novel cited above is called »The final circle of Paradise« or »The Century's ravenous pleasures« in English).


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